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Accident prevention is our specialty.

Cost savings, staffing flexibility, safety regulation compliance, and lawsuit prevention are just added benefits to outsourcing your company’s safety needs to a safety trained supervisor at Code Red Safety.

The fact is, without properly trained safety staff, accidents will happen. But prevention is absolutely achievable. Every single Code Red construction safety supervisor has the same goal – thwarting incidents that disable your workers, damage your business, and cost your company in so many ways. And, with ISO standards, production goals, launch targets, human resources and more, today’s safety supervisors have to be powerhouses of knowledge and professionalism to consistently enforce safety rules, educate employees, and set an example of safe work place practices.

The truth is, when you are looking for a qualified safety supervisor, training materials are no longer the only factor to consider. Our safety trained supervisors will set a real life example and accept responsibilities so that they can help develop the proper attitudes in your workplace.

Knowledge of safe work procedures, adeptness at orientation and training of employees, ability to detect personal difficulties in employees, and enforcement of safe practices and regulations are what define our safety supervisors.

Oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, construction, heavy industry, material handling, or transportation – no matter what your business, each safety trained supervisor at Code Red Safety is ready and on point to join forces with you to identify and eliminate the hazards in your workplace, keeping your most vital resources safe on the job.

Code Red Safety – Smart. Safe. Experienced.

Smart. Our safety supervisors are punctual, without compromise. They work hard, are conscientious, and distinguish themselves from the rest with a dedication and education that is second to none.

Code Red Safety matches and dispatches each construction safety supervisor on a case-by-case basis to your company's needs. You tell us your mission and we will deliver accordingly.

Code Red Safety makes it our prerogative to assign the appropriately qualified people to your workplace, wherever you are in the US. With our extensive nationwide database of workers, you won’t have to wait for the industrial safety services you need.

Safe. Every one of the Code Red Safety staff has been rigorously interviewed, skill tested, drug tested, and reference checked. When you come to us, you won't have to worry about the qualifications of your safety trained supervisor.

All of our safety supervisors are discriminately picked and trained by our in-house OSHA-500 trainers, and receive regular safety updates that are held to some of the highest standards in the industry.

Each construction safety supervisor is:

  • OSHA 30 Certified and/or OSHA 500/501 Certified
  • Confined Space Rescue Certified
  • HAZWOPER Certified
  • Trench and Shoring Certified
  • Rigging Certified

Each one also undergoes first aid and CPR training.

We empower all our employees and provide them with the tools and skills they need to deliver only the best safety services to our clients.

Experienced. Code Red Safety has been in the business of safety outsourcing, safety supervisor training, and supplying since 1995. With one of the highest safety records in the country, our performance speaks for itself.

Safety Supervisor Services:

  • Safety Supervisors
  • Confined Space Rescue Team
  • Confined Space Hole Watch / Air Technician

Contact Code Red Safety for a quote or to discuss our industrial and construction safety services.

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